Going Out on a Ledge

HAve you ever stepped to the edge and felt like you were falling? You had to either jump or step back to keep your balance. For most of us we step back and tell ourself that we will try another day,  and seldom ever do, but firmly put it on our to do list, that we know will never get done.

I felt that way about a month ago. Something so challenging as to travel as far east as Santa Fe and be involved with a bunch of woman with like minds. The thought was the same panic of having to publicly speak to a thousand people.

I just had to have faith, faith that I could travel alone and enjoy my time with a special group Women writing the West. I felt I had nothing to offer the group,  but oh how wrong I was.  I was able to offer courage, support, a little laughter and poetry. Things that I am good at.  And I found support, courage, laughter and beautiful poetry.  20161016_200229

The trip itself was beautiful and challenging to get from flight to flight but oh what a view when you take the leap. To feel so small yet so empowered.  I have to say loo beyond your fear and take a leap of faith when you have an opportunity to do something that you love with people that make you feel good about what you do.


End of the drive

Just take it off your bucket list and do it with your whole heart. So when you look back tween years from now you can smile and say what a ride.

Stay blessed


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