A Shadow of Silent Trust

After two weeks of snow storms and below zero temperature I had a weekend to share with one of my horses, I call Hitch. After forty-five rides on him, he has been laid off since September, I thought until spring. As a three year old, I want him to have plenty of maturity as a horse.  I want him to be mentally strong and physically capable. But most of all I want him to be happy.


A Silent Shadow of Trust, of being one with each other. That is the begining of unity and communication.

Well, we had a break in the weather and I caught and saddled him up, he didn’t miss a beat. For as young as he is, he was solid and excited to do something outside of the pasture, or at this time snow areana.

I stepped on, we did some leg work and a few circles and imaginary gate openings, but mostly we rode just to ride. When we were done, neither of us was ready to go home. So we stayed out in the middle of the pasture, I loosened the saddle and rubbed him down a little and we listened to the coyotes yip in the distance. As I squatted down I saw our shadow and snapped a few pictures. I looked up at my little red horse he was completely happy right where he was. I thought; “A silent shadow of Trust.

What is it that makes a horse happy with its owner, out of want? What makes him want to stand at your side and be a part of what you do?

I often wonder what he is going to be when he gets older, what his strength will be and his weekness. Where will he take me on our journeys together. The miles we will ride, maybe catch a calf or two, sort a cow, run the barrels? Pack the flag? What I will teach him and more humbling,  what he will teach me?

I have worked a lot of colts in my life, after an accident that shall not be forgotten, I quit the colt scene. After a year or so, I tried to play with a few, but never could find that confedence in my hands. No matter what I tried, I could not forgive myself. Then this little red horse came trotting into my life, and for the first time in years, I feel like my old self with horses.

And for what I  have learned, I  am humbled, for two species to come together and create a silent trust, an agreement of understandings, and misunstandings, of trials and errors, of anger and forgiveness.

For the time we have together, I know I am going to be a better person for having him in my life. And I believe he will be the best little red horse he can be because I asked him.

Eastern Oregon girl Kathy Moss

A.K. Moss and Hitch


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