As kids, when we had gotten a spanking as punishment,  my mom would say, “I do this because I love you.”

It wasn’t until I grew up that I understood what she was trying to say. With out knowing the words to her emotion, was the only way she could get me to understand, she would rather have pain come from someone I trusted than for me to be hurt by coincidence out of her control. Such as me running out into the street in front of a moving car.

Love comes in all shapes, sized and color. We love every thing we have differently, at different times. But what does love truly mean? 20170114_162119-1

I believe it means something different to each one of us. The Webster dictionary say for one example “a deep feeling of affection for some one.”

Well, I think love is different for each person. To some love is pain,  others a responsibility, while others feel it giddiness, othes a passing emotion.

What if love is just emotion that fills us like a drug? Something that we have to have. I love that puppy, I love my car,  I love stuffed animals,  or I love my Mom. The different level of love felt is amazing, I love my friend or I love the way she said that. A feeling of ownership,  or affection toward things.

If we were to open our self up to the possibility that each of us have our own interpetations of what love is by what emotion we were taught aound the word.


Good morning!

What if it is how we express love, deny it, fear it, or believe in it that helps us subconsciously make up ourmind? How do we learn what unconditional love is? When conditions are all we know. And how do we express it so others might understand?

These are thoughts running through my mind as I look at the love I feel for western living and the people that live it. I so want to share with family and people  that live in more populated areas. But the reaction that comes back are less than enthusiastic at times. Almost boring because the western life that I want to share is self made.  From working with a colt to teach it to lead, to helping teach a calf to suckle on a bottle that lost his mom. To enjoy watching the moon come over the horizon to sipping a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

To me, it is stepping into the trust of a horse with its own language.  The ‘aha’ moment when the calf figures out it no longer has to be hungry,  and those moments at the kitchen table sharing quiet time with a parent or friend over a hot drink. These all seem to do something for the soul, that I love.


I have realized that in loving my life as it is, is for me, I no longer try to force my beliefs on others quite as much, because I have realized, their love of life is different, where my everyday life I love the adventure of, others love the stability or routine.

It takes all kinds of love to make this world complete and to respect the diversity of it, share what needs to be shared for those who enjoy and love the story of it, but to also know and understand, to love yourself for what you bring to the world. A hidden talent that you were to shy to share, or the love of a western lifestyle that someone might enjoy exploring for a moment. We all have something to offer. It doesn’t have to be big or exciting, because when you share what you love, others feel the passion through you. So take a moment and share what you love, see how many connect to you or find out how unique your true self is.

Stay blessed,







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