Letting Go

For thirty two years he graced our lives for any man to see

Twenty three years he taught me faith for he was a teacher to me.


Offered many times to sell him, but I turned them down of course,

For I had bought him from family, for he was my father’s horse.

Like many others who tell the tale, of horses and of love,

Of compassion, of devotion, of what historys made of.

I tell you now his story, not of his life and such.

But of letting go, witnessing and feeling Gods touch

My dad has been gone several years, on the horizon he takes his place,

I feel the wind changing, see the look on my horses face.

After so long of being here, there is a look in his eye,

As he gazes beyond the pasture on the horizon in the sky

I know my dad is calling him, yet I’m afraid of letting go,

It is his history that binds him here, but now I think I  know,

That I am the future of our history, it lays within my hands,

And my horse now belongs above me, his body to the lands.

To hear his soft nicker in the morning, for me to let him go,

And join an old cowboy,  it is an honor to now know.

To give him peace and release, just set him free

To chase cows beyond heaven, or race the winds we can’t  see.


If he runs with the wild ones, I’ll hear thunder on that day,

May no saddle or bridle hold him in, like done in our earthly way.

Let the spirit of Christ breathe within his chest,

And the light of living give peace and rest.

May he be greeted by a man who can give him wings,

And be all he once was, while an angel sings

Into my broken heart of letting go,

Of trusting God. And please God know,

I ask his body rest easy, his soul to be set free,

For all he has endoured, and the things he’s been for me.

Let him know his journey is done here, memories we’ve had,

One more thing please Lord ask him, to give hug to my dad.






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