To be honest, I am not a woman to sit idol for very long. And I always try to find good beyond the negative in life.


 From animal rescues, working with a rescued mustang, dog training, poetry, working with horses and dabbling in my third novel, that had come to a complete halt about three months ago. Egging myself on with a guilt trip beyond ego and pride. When I finally took a breath.  I stopped trying to put words on paper. Until this last week. I stopped and asked myself what I am trying to accomplish, with all my busyness?


First and foremost in my busyness, I don’t want to have a bucket list. I want to be a part of the good I see in this world. I want to inspire desire and float my own boat. Yet sometimes something strikes and makes a person question their efforts. When a negative thought becomes strength. So here is my story.

I had read a review about my first novel Unspoken about 3 months ago, they gave me “4 1/2 stars, and said” very good but, Predictable”

I did not look at 4 1/2 stars as a complement , or even think for an instant that all romance novels are predictable also.This book not being a romance, but understanding each book is its own. It is not about the ending it is about the journey.

No… I let that one word stop me. I chewed on that for a little while, my first thought was to defend my writing. Then I thought I needed to shake things up in my writing, and it is funny how one word from one person, a stanger in a review read by others shakes up ones confidence and question ones own creation.  What you have put your heart, blood and soul into. Then having the courage to turn it out to the world to share in hopes to get accepted with great reviews. Then one review brought me to a cross road. PREDICTABLE.

From there I let my imagination run wild.  ‘Subconsciously’ my writing stopped dead in its tracks. Don’t even know what was meant by that one word. Nothing anyone would say or could say could shake the hold of that one word. So I sat on ice, so to speak… not literally.

This last week I looked at that one word, “Predictable ” and all the sudden it had new meaning. Of course it’s predictable! The Unspoken Trilogy is an inspiring story that is to lift and challenge!

There are enough murder mysteries out there, enough grotesque unimaginable things that people do. I don’t need to write about that. I will not shake things up to fit in the grove.

I look at every thing I do and  what I am made of. I believe in what I write, because I write from the heart. And a thousand wonderful letters, reviews and attaboys that showed me that i am speaking to more than one person and that I am on the right path of writing of hope and healing. Of course it is predictable, and I am happy that it is. For my first novel that I was never going to print, I am honored it has touched so many lives and created a journey I never thought I would ever be on.

And from that I stepped outside my box. Really Kathy?!

Yes I did! I had the characters come to life by having them made into audio books. For the last 6 months I have been working with a fabulous narrator Cindy Pillar who has gave a voice to my imagined characters and brought them to life. Unspoken has been out in Audio for the last few months and now Finding Home is coming to the final stages and should be released in four weeks or so.

I can not even begin to explain the journey this has taken me on. I am honored and very pleased that these books have taken on a whole new life and adventure with audio books.

Predictable,  yes but the adventure of a cozy contemporary western fills my heart with a driven force to be strong and face change, find adventure within the pages.

These books are out there to be shared, and enjoyed, but the gift they have given me is beyond words on the page. They have given me a journey of doubt, patience,  grit and strength.  As with other authors out there my hats off to you and keep doing what your heart says. One word at a time. It’s not the ending, it’s the journey that gives character.


Find these on amazon books or http://www.akmossbooks.com


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