A Gift of Time

What gift is given with out words? With out money? Without being wrapped? What gift is priceless, selfless and honest? 2017-06-16 10.22.22


Time to appreciate life. Time to appreciate learning, time to understand a childs point of view.  I was given that gift last week, I relished in every question, every attempt and every try from a world I will never know. That world is being a parent. I was not blessed with children of my own. That is not a sad thing it is an honest part of life. So when given the opportunity to share my life with kids of all ages, I usually jump at the chance.

I had a beautiful opportunity to have my nephews come over for a while. These two kids came to me who want to learn about communication, understanding, courage and facing challenges and patience. All done with my horses. I am not the teacher, I am just the guide. The teacher is the animal standing next to the child.

2017-06-15 20.48.19

Where there is a silent trust, a communication of inner strength, a beacon of light not only in the eyes of wonder but the heart of understanding. When I see the effort not only by the child but by the horse then I know there is a shift, a kind of unknown silent shift that brings the both animal and child to a new awareness of growth, of goal setting, and of communication.

Anyone can Google for information.  But to feel knowledge begin at the fingertips, travel all the way though the body and reach the brain…  That is where learning begins to define character.  20170616_144915-1

When the want and try defy the option of giving up. When the choice is made to try again with such effort that they want to cry, yet fight back tears and bring forth inner strength. Where  video games are foreign words and are forgotten for an entire week.

Where what scared you yesterday is forgotten as you face new challenges today. This is the gift I speak of for in those moments of trial and accomplishments the definition of who they can be in the future begins to develope. Hope, trust, honesty, teamwork wrapped together and silently developed into a memory.


I am aware that it is only a matter of time and they will be on their own, doing what they do. Grown beyond yesterday’s trials and accomplishments. Laughter of yesterday echoing in my memory. And I will look back and say thank you. Thank you for the gift, the gift of time.20170616_153629



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