Mother Nature

I find myself on Sunday morning, with coffee in my hand sitting outside listening to the Meadow Lark, the Doves, Killdeer and various other birds hidden in the distance in the mystery wanting to be herd but not seen. A cow bawls in the distance, her baby hidden from view. There is a peace here, the horses are fed while others are turned out. I sit in the busyness of the peace…


I recap of the last few days…

Friendship, laughter, aloneness all wrapped up into a life of adventure and challenges. One challenge accomplished another to face.

I hear the birds chattering and bring myself out of my peaceful state to awareness of the singing… above a hawk circles, two little birds above its head areally a quarter of its size attempting to sway the raptors course. Others team up, as below a grouse hunkers down under a willow, camoflouged in the dry shadows.

The cow has become more concerned about her calf, she starts to stroll where she had last seen it, since it did not present itself or answer her calling.

This all brings an awareness of life… struggles and how as individual species, we are all the same. The hawk flies off leaving the worried birds to tend their young while the hawks babies go hungry, the cow notices her calf on the off side of the fence seeming to have forgotten the hole it found to get through.

Off down by the river a doe has her new born twins stretching and strengthening twig legs, the momma leary of all around her.

In this quiet busyness, it brings the words of Leon Flicks in his poem  The Cowboy. “mother nature, she”s twice as hard as she is kind.

I look at this moment as kind, more of awareness than anything. All that is around me, the bee buzzing in the window and a cheeseburger bird calling in the distance,  life together. The strength of stress, worry and moments of peace wrapped together into life. A moment of graditude.



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