Western Women ll

Her goal is not look good, but to do good.  She traded beauty for experience and turns that experience into wisdom… She is a Western Women…2016-11-06-13-55-34

These elusive  women are found in the remote parts, where she can see both the sunrise and sunset on the horizon.  She is self-reliant, self resilient, and independent.

Mother nature gave her tremendous inner strength, a sense of humor and tears for a broken heart that she sheds when she is alone, to regain her strength once more.. A western woman is a mother to the land, animals and babies of all species. She is a wife to the man beside her, and to the horses that she rides. For she takes care of both with an unyielding devotion, a commitment that does not falter. Unless she has been stepped on or dumped to many times, then she removes herself from that picture and is strong enough to begin again. She is a friend who will offer, challenge and fight for what is right. She is a woman, a giver of life.

No self description, she is busy living life.  Her strength first comes from the heart, to her mind and then extends down into her hands. She find the strength within herself to do what needs done, and builds a life from there.

When she is faced with fear, there is determination that passes through her eyes and disappears into action, stepping forward with no thought of self or pride.  For she is not doing anything for recognition, she does it because it needs done.

Her heart holds a silent compassion and respect for those around her. For she is taught and steeped in tradition by her elders, looking for the strength that had been past down through the years. The knowledge is not taught by books or by political process. It is taught by stories told and experience which shapes and molds her character and influences her survival by the techniques she learned.


She won’t  invest much in a mirror, for it wastes time and effort in needless things. She can be seen in town with her hair pulled back, over boots, and a Levi jacket. Her goal is not to look good but to do good.  The extra money will be spent on something of value, like feed for her animals, dinner for a friend, or a family in need. She might glance at her calloused hands from time to time, but mainly when driving down the road and only for a moment before she starts to feed. She has traded beauty for experience, and that experience into wisdom.

When you meet her, there is a groundedness about her, a wisdom of earthly things. A deepness few will ever know because they can’t see it from the road. Society judges her on what she don’t have and admires her for what she does. This elusive woman that I talk about, is our neighbor, our friend, a stranger passing by. 

For me I quietly listen and learn, gather strength from what she has to offer, as I steep in her traditions.

I am a western woman.




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