Silence Between Words

I am a story teller, of history, experience and of humor.  But what makes a person want to listen to my story, my poetry, or some fabricated tale that I conjured up in my imagination?

I was asked once, “who are you?” After a life time of trying to establish a word for self discription, or a reason of identity.  Something that I could offer as verbage to what I do…so someone who meets me might have an idea by that description, an author, a poet, a wife… blah, blah, blah… I am a story teller…20190103_151426

I have heard it said, “it’s all in the telling…”? But I think it goes beyond that, maybe it’s not about the telling as much as how we listen and why?

A song can draw you in with music, drums, a melody, something that actually plays on emotion before a word is spoken. With our forever busy lifestyle and our short attention span in a world of seconds and minutes… how can we bring to life spoken word enough to stop someone for a few minutes to join us? To connect to a moment, an emotion or a story.

Within the wind a whisper, can you hear the cattle bawl?

Can we change the perception  just by a pause, a moment, a entire second?

Within the wind…         a whisper…                  can you hear the cattle bawl?

I can hear a story a thousand times, then all of the sudden one thousand and one… “HOLLY CATS BATMAN! THAT IS GOOD!” Why didn’t I hear it the first time? What changed?

Is it sight of the word, sound effects, is it memory, or ownership of the listener? Or is it the silence between the word that draws pictures of imagination?  Can we tease the ears into imagination or do we sound like a drum beat that dulls the senses in to a rhythmic pattern of oblivion?

I don’t actually have the answer but I have ideas…

I think for the most part to capture the imagination, setting is the beginning, we cannot play rock n roll in a church setting with  people sitting in pughes with bibles in their hand. As story tellers we must be able to be diverse, animated but most of all I think make the words count, descriptive, colorful and unexpected.20171012_174928_40031

As a story teller, cowboy poet and western writer, for me it’s a challenge to bring words of texture of our lifestyle to life for our society of listeners, to learn and understand our passion. And so I will keep writing and telling my story until my book is full. Leaving behind a trail of history that might spark the imagination of those who come after. And I will leave a pause for those who might listen.



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