Beyond the Moments of Living

A thought that crossed my mind,  that thought I would put on paper and share. Life is living, beyond the reaches of time. We do it everyday. Each day for us is a new beginning of life and our choice among the moments of living.


Death on the other hand is an instant, a moment without breath or living. Death does not exist without life. Value, memories,  change or appreciation is not fully understood without death. That moment, that tweak of an instant, that release of living, of  not being in control of that instant is humbling.

The question I have in my mind, is not fear based or of tragedy or bliss, but the question I have… is death permanent? Or is it a transcending moment into the unknown energy beyond God as we know in the bible, written in interpretation of assumption? Beyond the belief of sin? Beyond weakness and decisions of right and wrong?

That final delema, that final question, that only one species in the world, seeks to answer through the ages of time and knowledge of ancient writing, the interpretation of that knowledge,  has brought question, frustration, death, war, and confusion and enlightenment. It has divided the seekers and believers, divided the word from the truth. And can be studied and judged an entire lifetime, it seems like our species wants to  demand someone is right and someone is wrong.

So with this thought for the day, as change, uncertainty,  and confusion that has fallen upon us, I have one absolute that rings true for me in my mind, that I will hold true in my heart. With the belief of God, love,  and a prayer of understand the creators definition of the above.


Death cannot exist without life. Life is beyond time, for it does not count seconds, minutes or years, it exists to exist for all the moments that exist. Life is emotion of all living things to feel and experience.  Death is the immediate silence after life and the living we create. And death awaites, it does not descrimate by color of skin, or fur or scale, not by belief of religion or species of blood or plant of the earth. Death is  the evidence that life is living.

2017-06-17 11.07.09

Now back to my horses and the life I live. Enjoy the little things



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